Friends of Bardwell Church


The objective of the Friends is to preserve the fabric of Bardwell Church and the churchyard in as good a state of repair as possible.

The Church of St Peter and St Paul, Bardwell is over six hundred years old, having been largely restored in 1421 when the magnificent roof was erected. The original church was much older and was mentioned in the doomsday survey of 1086 and at the time was endowed with eight acres of land.

We are extremely fortunate to have this building of such historical interest and the members of the church need the assistance of all those who live in the village to help look after it.

The Parochial Church Council has to find a considerable sum of money for the running expenses of the church and it is their intention to continue to do this. However, to find the necessary funds to preserve and make improvements to the fabric is now beyond the resources of church members, so we are asking everyone in the village to consider giving their support to this project.

Members of the church feel that they would like the building to be used not only as a place of Christian worship, but to see it revert to its medieval pattern of use as a meeting place where concerts or other suitable activities can take place.

Friends of Bardwell Church is an organisation, which not only holds fund raising events, but also enables those who are new to the village to get to know each other.

The former Bardwell Environmental Survey Team (BEST - now disbanded), has done a lot of useful work in the Churchyard. It is hoped that apart from raising money for church improvements that some volunteers may wish to join us to do other things, such as being part of the team that cares for the church and its churchyard.

We are always delighted to welcome new "Friends".  Please click here to find out more.